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Need Roof Financing? 

Finance puts you in control of financing your new roof or getting a loan for a roof replacement. Compare personalized roof replacement financing offers from lenders in our network, with no impact to your credit score.

Check pre-qualified offers in seconds with our broad network of national lending partners who want to help you finance your new roof. You can easily sort the financing offers based on what’s most important to you: interest rate, payment amount, length of the loan term.

Our 100% online, customer-friendly process is designed to help you find affordable payment options with lenders that can quickly get roof financing without the hassle.

Can You Finance a New Roof?

Yes, you can finance a new roof and it may be easier than you think to qualify. If you have good to excellent credit and equity in your home you can use a Home Equity Loan. Home Equity loans allow you to use your home as collateral and borrow against its positive equity. If you do not have equity in your home or have credit challenges you should consider a personal loan or financing options

Is Metal Roof Financing Available?

Just about any roofing material and installation can be financed, including a metal roof. Metal roofs can be a fireproof, long-lasting, and durable option but they do come at a cost. In most cases, a metal roof can cost about 2-3 times as much as comparable options. However, many homeowners still prefer them because they are less susceptible to leaking, easy to maintain, and reflect the heat allowing for lower cooling costs.

Does Adding a New Roof Increase Home Value?

Adding a new roof can easily increase the value of your home. It can increase the appraisal value and the perceived value. Some studies have even found that adding a new roof can return more than 100% of your investment. If your roof is not in good condition, it can make potential buyers very reluctant to purchase. Most buyers want a move-in ready home that does not need repairs. If your roof is relatively new and in good condition, adding a new roof may not increase your home value significantly. If you are unsure about replacing your roof you should consult a professional.


Can You Pay For A New Roof In Installments?

Financing a new roof can allow you to get the new roof you need while providing the flexibility to pay in installments. Most roof financing options will require a monthly payment. However, most options also offer generous loan terms and competitive interest rates.


How much does it cost to finance a roof?

How much it costs to finance a roof can depend on your loan amount, interest rate, and term. If you finance $7,700 at 6.99% for 6 years you should pay about $1,098 in interest. Your payment would be about $122. If you pay more than the minimum payment each month you can save a lot in interest. Increasing your payment by 20% can save you about $209 in interest for this loan example.

Financing a roof usually does increase the cost of a new roof. In most cases, you will incur interest and other fees when you finance a roof. The actual cost of a loan can be calculated once you know the interest rate, fees, and loan amount.

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